10 Tips for Holidaying with Friends

Getting away from it all for a couple of weeks with your best friends may sound like your idea of heaven but if you want to make sure that it lives up to your expectations, take note of the 10 tips in this article. Group vacations can be hugely enjoyable but they can go badly wrong; I have compiled the following list to make sure that your break is one to remember for all the right reasons.

  1. Make sure every member of your party is easy going –Some of us have friends whose frustrated outbursts when things go wrong at home can be utterly hilarious but believe me, they will become very tiresome if you are stuck with their company for a fortnight.
  2. Choose spacious accommodation –Even with a carefully vetted group of easy going friends, you will need to find accommodation that gives you plenty of scope to be alone. It should not be too difficult to find something suitable for you and your friends, with enough room to prevent you from getting on each other’s nerves.
  3. Agree to differ –it is virtually impossible to find a group of friends that all want to do exactly the same thing, every single day of a summer holiday, so don’t even try. Split up and do your own thing whenever the mood takes you.
  4. Hire your own transportation –whether you hire a couple of compact cars or a minibus, group holidays are much more fun when you are able to take off at a moment’s notice and do not have to plan every excursion days in advance.
  5. Work out a basic budget –to avoid arguments about activities that some members of your party may find too expensive, come to an agreement on the holiday spending money you can use. With debit and credit cards accepted in most locations abroad, you will have to rely on your friends to be honest about how much they really spend. It is also wise to assign one person to find cheap flights to your destination.
  6. Have a pre-holiday meeting –To avoid making it seem too formal, you can meet in a local bar or café but do try to cover any important points you wish to discuss before your holiday. Disagreements at home are often much easier to resolve than those you may have in a foreign country.
  7. Everyone for themselves at mealtimes – if one person feels like cooking for the whole group that’s great but nobody should expect other members of the party to look after them.
  8. Avoid including couples in your group –even the most solid of relationships can encounter stormy waters when in strange surroundings so play it safe and leave your romantically involved friends to their own devices while you enjoy your group vacation.
  9. Divide chores fairly – if one person feels like they are washing the dishes all the time or doing all the shopping, it may not be long before they snap and start a blazing row. To make life easier, only cook simple meals on holiday, so there is less to buy and less clearing up to do afterwards. With a little forethought, most arguments that occur on summer vacations are easy to avoid.
  10. Have fun! With all these rules, please remember the reason you wanted to go away together in the first place and don’t get too serious.

There is no need to plan every last detail of your break, just follow a few simple rules, use your common sense and you are sure to have a fantastic time with your friends.