Villas in Mojacar

If you are looking for the perfect holiday rental in or around Mojacar, you should consider the many beautiful villas in Mojacar. There are numerous options that offer a variety of accommodations that are just a short distance from the Almeria coast.

Visiting Mojacar, Spain

When you are thinking of visiting some of Spain’s most lovely beaches, Mojacar should definitely be on your list. There is so much to see and do here along the coast and beyond. When you step off the sandy beaches, which is known as Mojacar Playa, you are surrounded in old world charm. Mojacar Pueblo is the original village lined with cobblestone streets dotted with historic Spanish architecture. Regardless of which area you are to travel to, natural beauty is abundant.

Visitor’s will have their choice of restaurants and eateries showcasing true Spanish cuisine that is sure to delight the taste buds. Beach bars are located throughout the playa when you have an urge for a tropical concoction.

Activities such as fishing, boating, scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing, beachcombing and hiking are all popular. Sightseeing should also be on your to-do list. There are multiple historic sites to be explored, including and 18th century fortress.

When you are looking for a place to stay, there is no shortage of sleep accommodations, including the fine villas of the area.

Why Choose a Villa?

Why do so many families prefer to a villa as their choice vacation stay?

  • Affordability. When you are traveling with a family or large group, villas offer more bang for your buck. These properties offer comparable amenities for a fraction of the cost you will pay at a resort.
  • Privacy. If you are planning the type of holiday where peace and tranquillity top your list, renting a villa may be your most ideal option. Many vacationers prefer to avoid the crowds and disturbances you experience in major hotels and resorts. This is also a great option for well-known public figures who choose to travel incognito avoiding the limelight.
  • The views and location. Most villas offer prime location with spectacular views. Being conveniently located to the beach is among the top concerns for those visiting Mojacar.
  • Cuisine. Many people fail to realize how wonderful the cuisine is at premier villa locations. The meals are every bit as delicious as those found at 5-star resorts and much more affordable. You always have the option to cook for yourself as well.
  • Security. When you rent a villa, you will have some peace of mind that your family is safe while on the property. Most all properties in the area have a high level of security and each unit has its own secure amenities, such as deadbolt locks and in-room safes.
  • Luxury. Villas have become increasingly popular which has raised the bar when it comes to luxurious accommodations. They are able to compete with the offerings of most 5-star hotels and resorts.

•           Amenities. It is important that a property’s facilities are up-to-date and offer all the latest features. Most villas in Mojacar offer private terraces, laundry facilities, barbeque and picnic areas, wifi, cable TV, and pools. Some properties may have on-site restaurants, bars, children’s playgrounds and private golf courses.